Aura Kritis utilizes traditional methods for the preparation of cosmetic products, in which the major component of the procedure is contributed manually. Thus, Aura Kritis proudly creates a handmade natural skin care line.

Our products are truly unique, not only because they are handmade themselves, but also the outer packaging is decorated by hand painted art. The experts of Aura Kritis explain the 3 main reasons why their handmade products are so special.


 “In Aura Kritis we believe in handmade creations, in products made with care.
We believe that the only way to do good work is to love what you do!”

Every single product made by Aura Kritis is surrounded by an aura of love. Made with personal care and dedication, with attention to detail and upper aim achieving perfection, every product is of high quality.

Raw materials are carefully selected, aiming to the production of effective natural cosmetics and in the same time, safe for human health.

Next, these fine ingredients are compounded through traditional procedures, which demand the constant human skill and human force. As a result, each single step of the production process is monitored closely and thus, leading to high quality finished products.

In order to underline the uniqueness of the handmade cosmetics by Aura Kritis, the artistic components selected to decorate the corresponsive packaging are chosen to be handmade.

Hand-painted plant illustrations, exclusively made by Aura Kritis team, are prepared with the same dedication and care as shown during the preparation of the natural cosmetics.


Maintaining the largest part of the production and packaging procedures manual, Aura Kritis drastically reduces the demand on energy consumption.

By emphasizing on human resources, Aura Kritis effectively contributes in reducing the use of mechanical means that consume forms of energy with potentially undesirable environmental impact.

Aura Kritis is an eco-conscious brand of natural cosmetics and actively contributes towards the protection of our natural environment.


According to scientific reports, new generations tend to abandon traditional crafts, facing the economic disadvantages in comparison to the rapidly growing industrial production of low cost products, in massive quantities.

Art crafts such as pottery for instance, survive nowadays in a form of free time activity, as human needs of everyday life are satisfied by the industrial production.

Unfortunately, other types of traditional arts such as the loom, face the real risk of disappearing.

Aura Kritis respects the Cretan tradition and acts towards its conservation. Natural cosmetic in Aura Kritis are prepared utilizing methods deeply rooted in Cretan tradition, with soap making being the most notable example.

“All our soaps are produced following the traditional home soaping method, known today as the cold process. The soap created is allowed to dry patiently for at least a period of two months. This is how our ancestors did it and this is the tradition we follow”.

Moreover, Aura Kritis wishes to support Arts and underline the value of creativity, through handmade designs decorating the outer packaging of our natural skin care products.

Our team in Aura Kritis feels deep respect for all the passionate and skillful artisans. We believe that every talent must be supported and strengthened; every occupation that brings joy must be encouraged.

Aura Kritis believes in the small artisans with great creativity, outstanding skills, passion and love for art.